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Ford By Dahon Bikes for the Europe Launched at Taipei Cycle

As of now in 2014 Dahon and Ford signed a licensing agreement. In those days it had been claimed that next to creating an entire variety of standard and folding bikes, a bike which will fit into a (Ford) car was also to be developed. What European distributor Direct365 Ltd will launch at Taipei Cycle is, “A new variety of modern recreational bikes associated with the leisure and urban cyclist,” says a press release.


Ford/Dahon Proud Partner

Neal Holdsworth, of Direct365, states, we are very excited and proud to have been chosen to partner Ford and Dahon. We now have developed new items that’ll be arriving in Spring and Summer 2016 and already we have orders and lots of interest.

Direct365 was created in 2009 in advertising cycling and promoting fit for purpose bikes on the online and has very rapidly become a powerful importer or distributor of own brands and licensed products via major retailers. Read the full Dahon top folding bikes review article at


European offering

Holdsworth continues the new Ford range is usually to be a European offering which will evolve as we bring much more models and cycle accessories. Product could be adjusted to satisfy key local market requirements. The plan will be establishing a network of partners across Europe to simply help support sales, marketing, distribution and aftersales.



The Ford bikes must be available from Meghan with 0% transfer duty on direct shipment basis or ex- Direct365 UK storage warehouse as will the cycle accessories.